+ Assert for flash button

If a list is set to "release on other go", sometimes I want to come back to the list that has been released and use the flash key for it to be at full, release the flash key and then press it again without moving forward through the list. Currently the "+Go on flash" means that after the first time you press the flash key you'll start moving through cues rather than just the current cue being at the preset flash level.


  • LeggyLeggy Registered User, Hog Beta
    I think that's a good idea.
  • TheColonelTheColonel Registered User
    Thanks for the response @Leggy. I did realise that this can be achieved if the flash button is also set to release on off, however, having the +assert would mean you could have different timings for pressing the flash key over the normal Go button, not to mention that you may not want the list to release in all cases, I would generally like this for when I have strobes or moles in a list and also individual scenes or cues on the command keys. If however you were using this for a cue that had positions, colours from a wheel, gobo's etc, you wouldn't want it releasing each time.
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