Maybe it's networking maybe it's broken......

Here is the story... The company I work for is doing a show with a high school for their big annual musical. We bring in a bunch of extra fixtures and use their hedge hog which they purchased last year from someone else. They are taking up the better part of the 2 copper outputs on the back so to simplify things, and not try cramming and deleting their patch I brought an Elation E node for our stuff. Got everything working fine, and the console seems great. Until I had been programming for a while and I noticed the console would get a little stuck here and there while programming. It wasn't a huge concern until it eventually made the console restart just from trying to update a pallet. That happened 2-3 times in a 9-10 hour period while getting the first act finished. The whole time I am thinking it is the hard drive or cpu getting frustrated with programming time, which I have only ever seen with hog PC. I left for the night leaving the TD to press play on the cue stack for the rest of rehearsals. They texted that they were hitting play, seeing the % on the cue go, but nothing output. I asked them if they were getting the same issue with the couple of HTP faders that were coming out of the copper universes as apposed to the main cues which were over art net. They didn't seem to be having the same issue with dimmers on the main 2 universe's but were with everything else. Before I could have them try anything else it started working again, and could just be user error. Has anyone ever seen any type of issue when using art net, or specifically with outside vendors products?



  • jxgriffijxgriffi Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
    We use a Roadhog 4 and DP8000 being sent to a Enode Pro 8 and don't have any issues.

    Can you send your network settings from both the console and the Enode? Maybe there is something hidden that isn't showing.

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