Record by Fixture Number

I would like to record into palettes by fixture number.
For example, all odd fixtures from 1 to 999, per number, record, effect 40. Then if I remove, add or change any fixtures in that range, they will all still be able to use effect 40. Currently it appears as though I would have to change type (and/or replicate fixtures) in order to achieve this (keeping in mind that there's a bunch of fixtures that still won't change type). Recording as global doesn't resolve this. For example, I want all odd fixtures to do a clockwise circle and all even fixture to do an anti-clockwise circle. I might have 5 variations of that scenario (different speeds, different lengths, different offsets, etc). currently it's like starting from scratch each time.


  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    Thats because of that as soon as you apply an offset or any other values that differs for a range of fixture global wont work, as you get per fixture values.
    What you´ve asking for is reusable fanning. This feature-request is already been logged.
  • TheColonelTheColonel Registered User
    I'm more than happy to have to do the offset fanning each time, as this would change with fixture quantities anyway. I used circles up above as an example, but I'm sure there's many other times this would be useful for things that don't have an offset or fan as well.
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    The whole concept of reusable fanning/programming has been logged as request.
    So that your progrsmmimg becomes independent of your fixtures
  • TheColonelTheColonel Registered User
    What does "logged as a request" actually mean, as in real world value? It seems to be used to make people requesting something feel at ease, even though it may take years or never happen. I understand it's easy to ask for stuff and a whole different situation to be able to put that into the software, it just seems like some really basic things get overlooked.

    With this particular request it seems like what your saying is, because what I've asked for would be a small part of a much larger request/problem/issue, it might as well wait, even though there may be an easy solution.

    Please don't take any of this the wrong way but it's just observations. I'm not full time at this and I guess I'm still playing catch up to a certain extent. The thing that should help with this though (creating a show file that is fully adaptable/changeable (quickly)) seems to be where the problem is.
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