Function Keys and Cuelists

I am programming a HH4 for a nightclub and they would like to have a Strobe Hot Key. How do I program a strobe effect to a function key? I've saved a chaser cue to a List, moved it to Command, and am stuck here.

I've saved a number of effect cuelists and currently have them set to Release on Other Go to prevent overlapping. Im assuming the Strobe effect list wont play well with this... How would you recommend setting up my effect cues instead? This is for a nightclub. I am attempting to make everything as 1 clickable as possible.

On a related note, I saved the show from the HH4 and attempted to do some updating at home on my PC software but couldnt open the file... any advice?

Thanks in advance!


  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    in the culist option of your strobe cue set the flash key to + go on flash and + Release on off.
    Release time to 0

    Then change command key directory to spreadsheet view and tell the key to be flash instead of go

    Done ;)

    I wont do Release on other go, as this will release no matter if you have infos for fixtures in the new which are in the running cue or not.

    Play with sence, and check the pile add effects option

    About PC: Check that you have teh same software and copy the backup file, not the expanded showfile
  • haskinhaskin Registered User
    Thanks MLorenz!
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