Palette effects cannot be used with colour wheel palette.

Hi guys
I cannot get colour wheel palette to run on palette effect, is it just me or the hog4 software cannot do this? ;)


  • Firewood1Firewood1 Registered User, Hog Beta
    Hello, currently Palette to Palette effects only work on linear parameters such as Intensity, Pan, Tilt, CMY, Zoom, Focus etc. Slotted parameters such as Colour and Gobo wheels are not supported currently.
  • PigkidPigkid Registered User
    but you can still make effects with slotted color wheels, select the lights, select a color from you pallets then go into the effects engine and go to color, set and chose the waveform you like.. can still get some nice effects happening if you want to make a single step color chase etc... from there you can offset you groups... you are limited of course by how the colors are arranged on the color wheel of the fixture your using.
  • GSBGSB Registered User
    Thanks for the answer. Do look forward to have colour wheel palette effects on the hog4 as sometimes trying to get the correct size for colour to colour flick on some fixtures is so troublesome.
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