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Got an show the last days with 2 DP8ks and about 1600 LEDs in the Back... using the partly the Pixelmapper and the Effects for Background stuff. But i realized, that the Performance was nearly at the End when i edited cues. Is this normal or may it cause of a slow network. I worked o the 3.6.1. with Hog 4 and a Roadhog in as a second netnumber, and two blue DP8k's


  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    How was you network configured?
    Did you close the plotview after creating all maps?
    There is a know logged performance issue when you have a plot open with a large number of fixtures.
  • FinoFino Registered User
    edited October 2017

    Hi Marc, it was configured as an "multiuser" session with netnumber 1 for Hog4 for and netnumber 2 for Roadhog. Both were connected via an Swich, one cat 7 to the Stage, to on swich which connected to DP8K. The DP8k had a static IP adress and the netnumbers 2 and 3.
    Moreover there was one Superwidget on one DP8k.
    The Plotview have been closed all the Time, when i edited cues. The Roadhog was only a deskchannel console cause it was a TV record. I just wondered, cause all the time i tried to edit via "cue cue" i was able to count like 21..22..23..then it opened.
    Same issue at home at WYG preprogramming, with only the RH4.

    EDIT: All DP8Ks had the latest softwareupdate
  • FinoFino Registered User
    The performance issue was only noticeable whe i loaded a cue with all the pixels in.
  • Firewood1Firewood1 Registered User, Hog Beta
    Because you’re opening editors with so many fixtures I’d recommend in the Programming tab of Preferences, deselecting the option to select all fixtures when opening an editor. You should find this will greatly speed up the opening of editors.
  • FinoFino Registered User
    Ok i might to check this. Sounds logical. Thank you.
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