Fixture Library Problems

Who do we reach out to about imprperly built library fixtures? I have had problems with Arri Sky Panel m16, m17, m23 all in the past week. I also had problems with Aladdin Bi-Flex 4.

Is anyone actually testing these profiles before they are sent out into the world?


  • cormacjackcormacjack Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
    High amount of profile requests have been an ongoing issue.
    The online library request feature is not reliable and you don't always get a response which makes it hard to know if the request has been received and if it is received the wait time is in my experience more than 14 days.
    Very hard situation as with so many requests for libraries for so many fixtures it must be very hard to manage.
    I have rarely got a fixture from the online request but always get a direct reply from some people within flyingpig/Barco/Etc who always help.

  • BlackoutBlackout Registered User

    I'm afraid I need to add my voice to this one, as I've also had many problems. The system for profile requests needs seriously adjusting. Whilst I understand that HES probably gets lots of requests for fixtures, with an increasing number of Chinese copies and whilst they do their best sadly it's not really on par with the quality of the desks.

    I've submitted 10 requests over the past year and i've had to chase each one. Once dialog has been established and the initial request is created then it's great but there is definitely room for improvement:

    The main problems I have seen, and would like addressed:

    - Unable to track fixture requests. Can a case ID be assigned to requests?
    - Generic fixture category. It amazes me there is no CW/WW profiles, Intensity/Colour Temp or variations of this. Being told afterwards that there is a similar fixture but it's called something else in another category isn't really good enough.
    - We DESPERATELY need custom names for Slotted Values and other parameters. Calling something Colour 1, Colour 2 etc is very very poor.
    - Looking at the Arri SkyPanel for example there are 100's of colours built in and the only way to see what they are is to look at the raw dmx out and compare it to the manual.
    - Ability to export and import individual fixtures so users can create their own and exchange them etc which would help reduce HES work load. Esp if verified profiles could be uploaded to the main site.
    - Ability to create virtual dimmer channels in the fixture builder.
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