FX Sloteed

PLEASE as a matter of urgency FX between slotted pallets, this is urgent as FX between them using step is SO tedious and fiddley

Thanks - Bill


  • Strobie1Strobie1 Registered User
    edited April 2017
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    As a matter of great urgency, I need effect sycronisation (with tap bpm)
    Effects that start at slot x and go to slot y or even slot palette to palette slot fx.
    There is already a wheelset that has a slot field when an effect is put on a slotted parameter.

    I'd like to see these before the new color model and before any other new features. They are really really really important for the kind of shows I'm doing, and the lack of these functions is seeing me having to use the competitors console more frequently.

    I know the guys are cooking up some cool stuff for the future but I have a series of large shows coming up in multiple countries around the globe that I can't use a hog on because it lacks these features :(
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    Ask Scott Barnes or any other people working in the TV/Film industry and you will get a total different answer to the color modell request.

    Sure the efx needs some rework/add ons... But I know the dev-team is working on a lot of great new features.
    And I dont want to bring up the discussion which console is better. Its an operators choice...
    And there is some much stuff which is not or worse implemented in other consoles.
    And I would love to see more networking-options and feedback and more options in multi-users, as this is important for me.
    So everybody has a another request.
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