Can you omitt fade times when time code skip backwards?

I program a bunch of time code run shows. During programing, I tend to back the audio time code back 5-15 seconds to replay the track and see if my time code is right/efx is running like I want it to/testing a cue.

Say I have a 8 cue, cuelist (so far). And am working on cue 8,
Cue 1 00/00/00.00 w/ 0s Fade
Cue 2 00/00/01.00 w/ 0s fade
Cue 3 00/00/03.00 w/ 2s fade
Cue 4 00/00/07.00 w/ 0s fade
Cue 5 00/00/22.10 w/ 3s fade
Cue 6 00/00/24.12 w/ 0s fade
Cue 7 00/00/30.06 w/ 20s fade
Cue 8 00/01/12.00 w/ 0s fade

I program and update cue 8. Now I want that cue to trigger. So I back my time code up to 00/01/02.00 and push play. The cuelist auto backs up to Cue 7 and begins to fade. I now have to wait 20 seconds for the fade to complete before resuming play. Since I have to wait for the lights to move to where they will be at the end of Cue 7.

To try and speed this up, I usually have to stop the playback. use Skip Back, then Skip Forward to get the cue to skip the fade time. Having to try a cue 10 times in a minute, this gets old fast.

I want to know, Is there a way for the cuelist to Skip Back instead of GoBack, thus skipping the fade times?


  • Strobie1Strobie1 Registered User
    Trigger forwards only.

    Also you can simply release the list before you start your timecode
  • eqrunnereqrunner Registered User
    Trigger forwards sorta works. It will only go forward. So when I jump back on the time code 20 seconds. The cues do not jump back to the previous.

    Release is the same problem. If I release, It resets everything. Then when I jump back 20 seconds on the time line, push play. Cue 7 will activate, and take 20 seconds to get to it's cue.
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