Stidio Spot 575 LITE TOUT error

I have some Studio Spot 575's I'm preparing for sale.

One showed a LITE TOUT error, so I swapped out the ballast. It still showed the LITE TOUT error, so I changed igniters. It still showed the error, so I moved on to the next fixture.
Also, when it tried to strike the lamp, the logic card thought the lamp was hot because it showed the word COOL, like it's cooling down so it can strike again.

The next fixture had a bad logic card, so I pulled the logic card off of the fixture with the LITE TOUT error- the error followed the logic card to the next fixture.

ok... so... what do I need to have my board guy fix on this logic card so it will stop showing the lite tout error?


  • whitleyrichardwhitleyrichard Registered User, Hog Beta
    I had some 250s that showed the same thing randomly.. usually only on start up.. but for the life of me i dont remember what was causing it... i dont think it was anything internal.. i know one of them i reset the hours and it was fine..

    Whenever you decide to sell those 575s let me know, if i cant get them i know someone who probably will
  • TumbleweedTumbleweed Registered User
    Check your private messages
  • arowland004arowland004 Registered User
    Were you able to find a component on the lamp power supply to replace and fix your problems?
  • braindumpsbraindumps Registered User
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