losing output

I've only just updated both my PC (with Nano) and Roadhog to 3.3.1 (PC was @ 3.2.1 RH @ 3.0.1)

I've immediately noticed a bug: (both on the RH and PC)
Changing a page, moving a list to a master or deleting a list from a master, recording a cue to a list on my masters,...
All of this makes my output go dark for a fraction of a second.
Same with editing preferences (I switched my desklight from white to blue during a show, not doing that one again...)
The moment I hit apply the output goes dark for a very short time.

Anyone else noticed the same issue?


  • hydrushydrus Registered User
    Fixed in the 3.4 update (flashing HTP faders)
    Tested and working correct now.
    Thanks HES!
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