Feature Request: Special Release Cue

Matthias_ThömelMatthias_Thömel Registered User
I have a problem with the way the HOG4 releases a cue list. All parameters are release with the general release fade time defined in the cue list. The result is: The intensity is fading out and in parallel the moving heads are returning to their default position. So you see the release process. (no move in black on release)

I would suggest to define the last cue in a cue list as a release cue and the fade and delay times of this cue are used for a more defined release process. For example: one could release the intensity with one second fade time and the position with a delay of one second and then one second fade time. This would result in a beautiful release of a moving head system.

In the cue list options one could have a checkbox: "use last cue as release cue".
If this is checked and the user releases the cue list, it jumps to the last cue and does the release in the defined way.


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