Fixture Builder Exporting

We have some fixtures in our rental inventory, that comes from lands far far far away (China)
Where i have seen it to be easy, to build the fixtures in the Fixture Builder on the Hog4 Consoles.
Now i want to be able, to be able to import this fixture to the consoles' library, so you dont have to force a merge, or re-build the fixture everytime you want to use it. Also, we have more than just one console.

Isnt there, in any way possible on this earth, to export a user created fixture to an USB, to then import it as a library file, just like a library file, recieved by the Fixture Request Forms, on other desks?


  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    Short answer: NO WAY (at the moment)
    Best way to request the fixtures from HES and when you already have a self-made profile sent the showfile to them as well. Helps often to get correct values etc.
  • ChrisTallChrisTall Registered User, DL Beta
    In the meantime while you are waiting for it to be in the library.

    Start a new show called Template.
    Load in that fixture.

    Whenever you need to build a new show...
    Load show Template
    Do a Backup as "ShowX".
    Log off.
    Browse to ShowX and load

  • ivan_mzrivan_mzr Registered User
    it is possible to obtain the software you use to create libraries?, I do not care for what OS is (windows/linux/ios) just i give up on the online request. 8-|
    Or maybe a full featured fixture builder in the next release
  • LeggyLeggy Registered User, Hog Beta
    The fixture builder does work well. Sure, there's some annoying things (like not being able to create a virtual intensity) but it does the job.
  • ivan_mzrivan_mzr Registered User
    To many annoying things... for example i have a MS Lighting RGB(12Ch) and in the library you can see the same but in RGBA (13ch) easy task on the Fixture Builder right? but no, if you edit this fixture and delete the Amber Channel in theory is ok. Somenthing happen when you select the new fixture in the show and press FULL dont turn on the dimmer is full but the RGB are in 0's.
    Im not the final user and of course anyone can handle some little problems but this is for rent and some operators are really weeping childs. :((

    I request one fixture on they send to me in rasonable time(5 weeks i believe), but the lamp dont strike and douse(i resend the e-mail but dont response since), so i tried to modified in the fixture builder but i cant somenthing is wrong and i cant edit this.

  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    Like Leggy said, at the moment you cant have virtual dimmers, which you need for some LED fixtures.
    But most of the the LED-Bars can be handled as a multiple rgb-cell (or RGBA or whatever it is)
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