HOG 500 and the use of a Midi controller

Just curious, I know you can use time code for the hog 500, but I'm not looking for something like thay, I work at a club in my town and I'm looking to extend my playback... I've seen alot of LD'S use a midi controller and map keys to do certain functions for their shows. I'm not sure if that is possible with this machine, since it's a bit older. But thay would be so cool, I would love to be able to bump intensity with an akai mini midi controller.


  • MadisonPandaMadisonPanda Registered User
    It seems like it's kind if a newer thing, I have seen people do this on the newer hogs, GRANDMA, and even Chamsys.
  • MadisonPandaMadisonPanda Registered User
    Obviously if I some how got a hog 1000 or a newer console I would have alot more playbacks.
  • Role82Role82 Registered User
    Hi MadisonPanda,

    by midi you can control all the physical elements on the console. Expansion per midi is impossible.
    You should get a Hog 1000 or a Hog II + Expansion Wing to get more playback masters.

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