Roadhog 4 fader wont physically go to zero

DannyDanny Registered User, Hog Beta
The second fader of my roadhog 4 won't physically move to zero, or all the way to the bottom so to say. Only when I apply some pressure downwards I can see that the fader is at zero.

If I take the button of the fader and look into it I can see the part where the buttons is attached to is not completely going down as is the case with the other faders.

Just want to know if the cause of this is the fader that is somehow crooked or misaligned. Has anyone else ever seen this problem?


  • M_sciM_sci Registered User
    Have you attempted to swap the fader?
  • DannyDanny Registered User, Hog Beta
    During the break I swapped fader #2 witch is faulty with fader #10 where I have a qlist on a template that runs the houselights so the problem of the fader not going exactly to zero isn't that bad. Had a good look into the faulty fader and couldn't find anything that is restricting it to move all the way down.

    When the fader is at the most bottom point output is still 3%. And you can see that the button on the fader is not at the same position as other faders that are at 0%. Still find it verry odd because the desk hasn't been moved since yesterday and today this occurred.

    Have had a broken fader before but nothing like this.
  • M_sciM_sci Registered User
    Hey Danny I send you an inbox with my email, can you send me a video of the issue?
  • DannyDanny Registered User, Hog Beta
    Email is on it's way.
  • viktorasviktoras Registered User
    Hei there,

    i have a similar issue with Hedgehog 4. Fader nr 1 (which is the GM to) doesn't go to full, it ends up at 99% i can push it to full (GM) with encoder but still its annoying. is it a hardware problem ? and can i replace it ? can someone share with me the Fader type and where i can purchase one?

    Thanx in Advance
  • DannyDanny Registered User, Hog Beta

    The part number is:
    90405330EF FADER
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