PC requirements / user experience

I was wondering what the user experience is for different PC users with different specced PC's.

My system is a Nano Hog 4 (with the standard built in super widget) on a pc with this specs:
Intel 4770K 3.5Ghz Quad core
GTX760 graphics card with 2 GB Ram (2x 24" full HD displays).

Is use this system live as well as preprogramming with lightconverse on the same system.

It boots up really fast, 24 seconds from cold start until my showfile is loaded en running. (running Windows 8.1)
I like the overall performance very much, never have the feeling I have to wait for the desk.

It is a mini-ITX system however and I might buy a second PC only for live usage to make a smaller flightcase for the system.
Have been looking at Intel NUC, but only goes to 1.3Ghz dual core with "boost" (??) to 2.6Ghz, would this be enough?
The PC I have now would then only be used for the visualizer and maybe for backup.

What are you using for your Hog 4 PC and how happy are you with it?


  • ShrunkenNedShrunkenNed Registered User, Hog Beta
    Has anyone had positive experiences with running HogPC4 on a Surface Pro? 2/3
  • Meh 626Meh 626 Registered User
    Anyone using a Intel NUC with HogPC? I'm thinking of building a NUC based HogPC setup but wanted to hear of people's experiences before investing.
  • GordoGordo Registered User, Hog Beta
    I've been running Hog4PC on my Surface Pro 3 with Nano hog for about a month now, and it's great! :)

    I've got the i5-4300U 1.90 GHz with 256Gb SSD and 8Gb Ram model.
    A few weeks ago I had a show with 3 full universes of fixtures with no noticeable lag even when hammering highlight on/off
    The resolution is a little too small for the top/bottom row of buttons with the default display size, but is ok when upping the "Item size" in the Windows menu
    If using the "Encoders" on screen, they seem to be super sensitive, would be tricky to do positions using only the screen. There may be a way to adjust this, but I haven't delved too far into that yet

    Let me know if you have any further questions about Hog4PC and Surface Pro Combo

  • ShrunkenNedShrunkenNed Registered User, Hog Beta
    Thanks Gordo, that's exactly the feedback notes I was hoping to get.
  • hydrushydrus Registered User
    Little update: I am running on the latest generation 5 i7 NUC (broadwell) now and it works great.
    Dual core hyperthreaded intel broadwell i7 base frequency 3.1GHz Turbo 3.4GHz
    M.2 120GB Samsung SSD
    2x 4GB Corsair Ram

    I might try to adapt the NUC to fit in the second expansion slot of my Nano Hog 4
    My mini-ITX build now stays home for the prepwork and as a backup if the NUC would fail.
  • jifopjifop Registered User
    Did you ever try getting the nuc into your nano?
  • hydrushydrus Registered User
    I didn't, but I might do it this weekend. (thanks for remembering this to me ;) )
    Hadn't the need nor time for it when I bought the NUC.
    But I have a rare free weekend now so might just tidy up my flightcase.

    Dimensions are not a problem, fabricating a sturdy mounting plate that fits the slot is a bigger challenge. (for me at least)
  • hydrushydrus Registered User
    So here it is.
    It is far from finished and I made a few mistakes but it's working great.
    I'm probably going to draw something up in CAD and let somebody else make the mounting plate.
    My own handmade stuff doesn't look that great. It's just some kind of prototype.
    I used the original nuc case, cut a piece of it (I have the i7 version with 2.5" HD drive bay, which I don't need and is to high for mounting inside the nano)
    The i5 versions without 2.5"HD bay should fit fine.
    I was thinking about adding a power button but I probably wil not.
    Tomorrow I'll put in an aluminium box profile to mount the XLR for the worklight in and a powercon input.

    The touchscreen (24" Iiyama) fits in the lid of this case.

    I'll also make new sides for the nano
    18mm (3/4") ply is too thick, there's almost no foam between the case and the nano.
    I'll add a drawer for my keyboard so when I take it out of the case I'll have a real keyboard.
  • atavacronatavacron Registered User
    This is totally genius. What does the inside look like? What does it look like fit into the case now? How are you securing everything for travel? How does the NUC hold up with all 2048 parameters changing? Can you do 4096?
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