Unable to open a backup file on Hog 4 PC


I saved a show file as a backup from my Hog 4, and I would like to open it on Hog 4 PC. But, the software, after asking me where I'd like to save the show file, doesn't open the show. Instead, the start screen comes back, and the show I'd like to open is not save anywhere. Anyone can help me?


  • Simon LXSimon LX Registered User
    Daft question, but is the software version of Hog PC equal to or newer than the version in the desk?
  • LeggyLeggy Registered User, Hog Beta
    I've seen this a few times too. I select a compressed backup file, then enter the name I wish the show to have and it goes back to the start screen without opening the show. I can't repro it though, it just happens apparently at random.
  • datadriverdatadriver Registered User, HES Staff
    if you open the log viewer from launcher prior to show start you will most likely see permissions or invalid archive messages
  • drumghysdrumghys Registered User
    Yes, both desk & software are at the same version (latest version available). How can I open the log viewer?
  • drumghysdrumghys Registered User
    Try to save the show from the console on another name, still don't open on PC...
  • cormacjackcormacjack Registered User, DL Beta
    Make sure the file extension is correct and ending in bck.hog3.shw
    I've accidentally changed the extension more than once and not noticed.

  • datadriverdatadriver Registered User, HES Staff
    logviewer: start a new show, then setup button, then Events button on bottom toolbar. Log off that show then try and open the problem show. See if error messages help
  • drumghysdrumghys Registered User
    This is the message I found in the log viewer after the extraction step. I found this type of message each time I tried to open a show in Hog4PC, show saved on a USB key from my HedgeHog4:
    10181247 10181247 112 Launcher-1-80fa5b0d0b99 Os.Archive Error launcher-win32-golden.exe Main bool __thiscall Os::Archive::ExtractNext(const wchar_t *,class fps::string &) osarchive.cpp 342 File extract failure for archive E:/MariageSan_bck.hog3.shw (system error code 2)
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