Additional DPs with Visualizer

I have a rig that uses 35 Universes in LightConverse, and I'm trying to make the extra DPs Ive added function using Hog4PC. All virtual no real hardware here. The first DP works fine and has a status of Found/Running, but the other 2 I've added cannot be found and are offline. I've tried assigning IPs to them, but this hasnt worked. How do I make these virtual DPs functional?


  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    Just add them in Lightconverse, you need to assign the universes in LC. The connectivity tool should do the rest for you if configured correct
  • HogNoobHogNoob Registered User
    ...Of course it was that easy... got too hung up on the DP status and apparently didnt actually test anything. Sigh.
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