Roadhog 4 & OSC

Hey guys,

I am trying to create a network between a Road Hog 4 and the OSC Touch application on an Iphone 4S.
I've tripped check my network settings and can see that the console and Iphone are both communicating with the router, but I just can't seem to control anything on my console through the OSC Touch.

First Question: I do notice that when I type a command or press a button (eg. highlite) on the Iphone OSC, the command doesn't show in the command box on the OSC neither does any button light up as you would think it should when for example, "highlight" is pressed etc. (It's as if the OSC is not functional.)

I have a feeling that the issue for my connection is with the OSC on my Iphone, rather than network or console.

Can anyone that have used the Touch OSC, please give me some pointers as to how it is supposed to respond or what I could try to resolve this issue?



  • datadriverdatadriver Registered User, HES Staff
    Open the MIDI Log Viewer on the Hog. It shows all OSC communication sent/received. Be sure to enable OSC input on the Console.
  • henslinhenslin Registered User
    Hey Datadriver,

    Thanks for the note...
    Where do I find the Midi Log Viewer?? (Can't seem to find any info on how to get open it...)
  • henslinhenslin Registered User
    (Found the Log Viewer... :)
  • henslinhenslin Registered User
    Success! Thanks for that tip.
    Problem was that 'MSC In' was not enabled under Midi Show Control tab.

    All good now.
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