CITP from PandorasBox to RH4

bnjiebnjie Registered User
Hi there
I have connected my RoadHog 4 V3.0.0 (b1049) to my pandorasBox V5.7 rev 11116
I have full control of Pandora, and when i choose the fixtures in patch and press Media Patch it shows a box telling
me that i can choose pandorasbox at ip x.x.x.x. then ip address should show in patch, but nothing happens.
I have tried restarting console and media server several times, but nothing works.
it it a bug or am i the bug. please help me

Brian Njie


  • M.VrankenM.Vranken Registered User, Hog Beta
    After that you must click on "refresh media"
  • bnjiebnjie Registered User
    I did many times, now i have tried same setup on my Hog4 with same result, CITP wont work for me.
  • nathanfoytnathanfoyt Registered User, HES Staff
    What V 5 Pandoras Box fixture types did you patch? It looks like Media Patching is only allowed on "Pandoras Box v5 std graphic 38ch", "Pandoras Box v5 std video 44ch", and "Pandoras Box v5 server video effects 97ch" at the moment. Refreshing Media won't attempt to pull thumbnails over CITP if the fixture in the fixture window doesn't have an IP address. You can try patching one of these fixtures and Media Patching it to the Pandoras Box IP and then refreshing media.
  • MarchMarch Registered User
    I have the same problem with my player pro´s .. If media patching is only allowed with the player stdandard, then it would be a downgrade to the half count of layer... Dear highend, please add the player pro video, player pro graphic layer and the server graphic layer too. Server and player pro are the most used pandora maschines!!!

    Thx lot
  • bnjiebnjie Registered User
    first what is the difference between Pandoras Box v5 server video effects 97ch and Pandoras Box v5 server video 97ch and second why is there only a camera 7ch when patching PB server says camera 23 ch
  • bnjiebnjie Registered User
    btw, i tried player pro and server lt. i did not try Pandoras Box v5 server video effects 97ch, but Pandoras Box v5 server video 97ch.
  • Michael_GrahamMichael_Graham Registered User, Super Moderator, HES Staff
    Hello guys, we will add these version's of Pandoras Box to our CITP code. I will try to sneak it in for our next release 3.1.0.
  • bnjiebnjie Registered User
    sounds awesome thank you.
  • Michael_GrahamMichael_Graham Registered User, Super Moderator, HES Staff
    Just an update on this, we have added these server's to our code and have tested them in-house.
    These will be included in the upcoming 3.1.0 release. We are shooting for release in the next two/three weeks.
    I am sorry this does not help you now and as always thanks for the information!
  • MarchMarch Registered User
    Hi guys,
    Is it true that only
    Pandoras Box std Graphic Layer and
    Pandoras Box std Video Layer
    was added to the new Software?
    The channel count sounds like player... Is it?

    What is with the most used:
    Pandoras Box player pro graphic and player pro video layer
    Pandoras Box server graphic and server video?

    This two types of Pandoras Box are the most important fixtures for big shows with this kind of media server! I think 80 per cent use them.

    Please add this fixture to your CITP Code...

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