bug: follow cue ignores the data of the cue before

I do not get it why this is happening. In the first cue i have for example channel 1 at 0%. In next cue i want this channel bumb in 0 sec. to full. And the third cue has to follow, where this channel 1 fades out to 50% in 30 sec..
The output is: channel 1 is at 0%, when i hit the go button, channel 1 fades in 30 sec. to 50% and ignores the value of the second cue. This is not what i have programmed!!!
The way to work around is to change the 'follow' with a 0.1 wait, but i do not understand why only this will work. I think this is a bug and could be repaired on the software side.


  • jxgriffijxgriffi Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
    What you're seeing is purely math.

    Your cue 2 has a 0 count. Your cue immediately after is a follow. The follow runs at the completion of the previous cue. Since it's a 0 count, it's pretty much immediate and you don't get a chance
  • sandersander Registered User
    that is true, of course it is purely math, but it is not the way i programmed it: first it has to go to full, after this it has to go to 50%. I do not program it as 0 count but as a follow count. in the syntax it should go to full and after it fades to 50%....
  • jxgriffijxgriffi Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
    I meant 0 count for the fade time, not the follow time. "In next cue i want this channel bumb in 0 sec. to full." As the "follow" command is waiting until the cue is finished, and it's a 0 time on the cue, it blows right through. You could either make the fade time a .1 or, as you found out, the follow be "follow + .1" Either way, you need something to allow for the douser to get to full before it starts the fade.
  • hydrushydrus Registered User
    I would try giving the second cue a fade in time of 0 seconds and a fade out time of 30 seconds.
    (not sure if this works but it could)
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    Sander, jxgriffi is correct.
    This has always been like that that and is totally correct.

    Follow starts the cue direct after the cue before has been executed.
    With your timings (without the 0.1 wait in the follow-cue) you will have 2 cues executed at the same time and as we are on ltp your second cue wont be become visible
    Your total cue time for cue #2 is 0 sec (as you could also see in the playback bar so a follow will also be a 0 sec after you hit go. That means you will trigger cue #3 immediately
    This totally correct. try to draw your dimmercurve on a timeline and you will understand it.
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