Hog 3 - 4 console swop with Axion media server.

I am being asked to upgrade a hog 3 desk for a new hog 4, and my concern is, the current desk is running media control for DL3's via an Axion server, I gather there are up to 400 dmx control channels for the server, am I likely to have any problems updating the showfiles from Hog 3 to Hog 4. ?
I am hoping it will be a simple process just to insert the files into the 4 and the rest will be automatic.

forum help and advice is always appreciated.


  • You should be able to take a a Hog 3 show file forward to Hog 4 without any issues. There just isn't any backwards compatibility., so you can NOT take a Hog 4 show file and load it on a Hog 3.

    The profiles are the same from Hog 3 to Hog 4, so you should see any difference in controlling the DL.3s
  • richard cslrichard csl Registered User
    Thank you for the quick reply, I thought that was the case, just wanted to check to be sure.
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