Confusing DL2 Video Errors

mikewoodldmikewoodld Registered User
Hi All,

Having a bit of a confusing issue with two DL2s.

Running off ETC Ion. Using the onboard media servers on the DL2s.

Was working fine yesterday, and then today when we came in, we can't get any content to come out of the fixtures.

They'll move and dim and everything else just fine, but neither will play any of the stock or user content. Have verified that the content is all still there via the software, and have verified that they are changing media libraries and file numbers from the console by looking at the layer diagnostics screen on the DL2s themselves... but even though the DL2s say that they are outputting the content, there's nothing.

Any ideas?


  • jmytykjmytyk Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
    Do you have an image when you run self from on-board the fixture?
    file 1
    folder 1

    If yes, can you please look at the RAW DMX view, and verify that you have the correct DMX coming in. Post photo if you need to... Might be something funny on the control board side.

  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
    From CMA try changing the Projector source from "Internal" to "External".
    Wait 10 seconds.
    Switch it back from "External" to "Internal".
    Those relays always were a bit "sticky" on the old DL.2s
    Haven't seen it on the DL.3s or DLVs though.
    Also - ION for DL fixtures!! Really!?! I feel for you....not the friendliest console as far as media fixtures go.
    Good luck! (seriously)
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