Intensity Parameter for Fog to respond to fader

I have a show with Chauvet GeyserRGB and ZR33 Fog machines. The show is tracked with time code. And I setup my show cuelists based on fixtures involved.
Cuelist 1 = Moving head
Cuelist 2 = Conventional
Cuelist 3 = LED Pars
Cuelist 4 = Strobes
Cuelist 5 = Fog Machines.

I have setup my fog machine single dmx channel profiles with the FUNCTION as FLAME1. This way, in the case of the GeyserRGB fixture, I can easily differentiate between the Intensity of the RGB lights and the Intensity of the Fog.

During programing. Cues are activated by the time code. I can pull faders down for each Cuelist so I can work on specific areas. Ex, I pull everything down to black out everything, except the Conventionals, as I work on a chase effect. Then bring back up the faders to see everything again.

In some cases during a song, Let say, at a 4 measure right before the bridge of a song, I need to work out exact timing of the conventionals. This will require me to run that 4 measure time code over and over. And lets say I have a fog cue at the same time (lets say on beat 2 ) I will fade all the faders down for all cue lists except the Conventionals. When I run the time code again and again, the fog machines still go off.

The issue I have is the foggers using the FLAME1 parameter is not effected by the fader position. Even if I set the Cuelist Option - Master Fader to IPCB Crossfade. I have tried releasing the Cuelist, but due to Time Code being Enabled on that cue list. The FOG Cuelist will activate again when time code starts.

I have had to Disable the Time Code for that cuelist and Releasing that cuelist in order to fix this issue. To me, this is way to many steps. Plus my hazers are on that same Cuelist. So after 30 mins of programing, I realize I have forgotten to re-enable that Cuelist, thus the haze hasn't pumped in the last 30 mins. And the room is empty of all fog and haze.

So my question is, How can I get the Flame1 FUNCTION parameter to respond to fader control. And/Or is there another FUNCTION parameter that I can set the fog DMX channel to that will respond to fader control.

Side bar question, Which FUNCTION Parameters will respond to Intensity Level of the fader?


  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
    ZR33 units should all be patched as Desk Channels
    The Geyser units work best if split into two profiles per unit. One for fog (Desk Channel) and a second for the RGB functions.
    I believe only "Intensity" will respond to fader movements unless IPCB is used.
  • Strobie1Strobie1 Registered User
    Instead of pulling your faders down all the time, why dont you just make a cue where the intensity for xyz fixtures is @0? Also you dont need to have all these diferent lists for your time code show, it might be much more simple if you have it all in one simple to manage cue list. I gather you are using learn time? Rather than using that, use thw ltc clock on your time code generator or software so you can just stop in at the section you want the cue and bang in that time for said cue
  • Michael_GrahamMichael_Graham Registered User, Super Moderator, HES Staff
    Marty is correct in that only intensity will respond to the fader movements unless the fader is set to an IPCB fader.
    If enable TC is on the list will trigger when it sees that TC value. You will need to urn enable TC off as you have found out.
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