"Freezing" windows on external monitor and laptop?

I posted the following on a Window 8 Forum, no response so I though I would try it here.

"Ok I'm using a Dell inspiron 15 series 7000 laptop w/ Win 8.1 Intel I5 and a 23" Hannspree external touch monitor. I use this system to run a single application" (Hog 4 PC) "that uses 5 open windows. I have arranged the open windows with four of them open on the external monitor" (The four monitor windows) "and one on the laptop display." ( the Hog 4 virtual desktop) "I want to "freeze" this window arrangement...ie if the system goes to sleep I want it to awaken to this arrangement not stack all the windows on the laptop monitor, also when I close the laptop, I want to keep the same four windows open on the external and not have the window #5" ( the Hog desktop) "jump over to the external monitor, and then when I open the laptop I want it to look like it did when I closed it, not having all the open windows jump back to the laptop monitor. Can I do this?

I know this is more of a windows issue but I'm sure there are some Hog PC users that might have a solution to this. Hopefully.


  • Playdoe9Playdoe9 Registered User
    Yeah, This is a Windows issue. The real question is why are you using 4 Windows on the external monitor? You should be able to get the desired configuration with just one Window on the External monitor and using "Unlock" to move your palattes to where you need them. Also, you should be in Nano mode so you can access all of your encoders. (My guess is that you are not since you have so many external monitor screens enabled.)

    Post a screenshot of your Windows. Maybe we can help you.
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