Patch Offset Syntax for multi part fixtures

BenwinBenwin Registered User, Hog Beta
Not sure if this has already been asked for (I think I might have asked myself but can't find it!!)

I have just finished patching a show where they had 4 different fixtures that needed to be patched as multi part and they had about 40 Atomics that originally had scrollers and so therefore a 1 DMX offset!

It would be nice if you could patch multiple fixtures with an off-set.

As in fixtures 1 thru 30 with an offset of 20! rather than patching them one at a time.

It seems to be an issue I come across more and more with some of the multi channel LED fixtures you see these days.

Im not sure what syntax you could use as the 1/2/406 layout is used for multiple DP's, maybe pig + then the offset amount?




  • thiseltonthiselton Registered User, Hog Beta
    I second this. I work with rig crews all the time that want to address 9 channel fixtures in 10s (Kino Image 85s, addressed to 1,11,21, etc), instead of in sequence (1,10,19,28, etc). having some patch offset command would be awesome!

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