Xspot care & feeding

Besides occasional cleaning, is there any other periodic maintenance that's helpful in keeping these fixtures happy? Does anything need lubricating (such as the focus worm gears)?

Also, is there a 'typical cause' when a lamp won't strike (no buzz, snap, or noise of any kind), or is it pretty even among lamp ps, igniter, relay, lamp base, etc ? Any docs on troubleshooting steps besides simply swapping parts with a known good fixture?



  • Woodj32177Woodj32177 Registered User
    meh, These suck to maintain.
    If there is no noise at all, lamp power supply has failed. (Or perhaps the internal fuse)
    If the LPS makes noise but the ignitor doesn't, then its the ignitor.
    If the fixture just makes a single snap every time it tries to strike, the lamp base has a crack in the wires leading to it, and the fixture is arcing the lamp strike voltage to ground.
    You can try to lubricate the focus worm gears, but it sometimes causes more problems long term, as they then pick up crap.
    Also, the focus motors fail quickly, since they are next to the lamp housing. same thing with the shutter motors.
    be careful with the segmented color wheel, if the green segment breaks, the fixture can't home that wheel, since it has the sensor tab.

    Good luck!
  • K9MikeK9Mike Registered User
    Thanks for the reply! Ironically, of the 1/2 dozen xspots, I've repaired a power supply, replaced 2 focus motors (added some foil tape in an attempt to shield the focus motors from direct lamp radiation), repaired cracked lamp base wires, and replaced the green segment on one color wheel. Learned a lot tearing these things apart. Fortunately, they are very easy to disassemble (except I've still not found a graceful way of removing the lamp power supply without a fight.)

    - Mike
  • Avo_SamAvo_Sam Registered User
    Where would one find parts for these lights?
  • reece_lightningreece_lightning Registered User
    @Avo_Sam www.lightparts.com is based out of Austin and will be able to help you.
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