More replicate options, and copy options.

Would it be possible to get more options within the replicate function.
For now if you replicate fixtures it will be replicated thru your whole show. It would be nice that you can choose what to replicate for the selected fixtures, like the same options as we have for merging a show. So that you can replicate only the colour info and not the cuelist data.

If we also get more copy options like that we can copy fixtures thru a whole list to fixtures that are not in that list.
for example: I have a cuelist with colour info for fixture 1 thru 4, now we get extra fixtures 11 thru 18. I don't want to replicate them into my cue lists (only the pallets ;-)). I only want fixture 11 thru 14 do the same in that specific list as fixture 1 thru 4.
Now I would like a copy syntax as: List X fixture 1 thru 4 copy to List X fixture 11 thru 14. So that it will merge the info for the new fixtures in that specific list. Its like a clone option.

Like to hear what other user thinks about this......



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