Fn and Ctrl Swap + Fn Keys Default

Playdoe9Playdoe9 Registered User
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For Hog4PC, tablets, remotes, etc
Just discovered on newer laptops where Fn and Ctrl keys are switched so that the Fn is on the far left, in the System Bios sometimes you can swap these back to Ctrl on the left.

You can also make the F1-F12 keys default to Fn keys(that we use in Hog4) instead of there newer functions (volume, brightness, etc).


  • speeder369speeder369 Registered User
    Can you explain how to do this?
  • Playdoe9Playdoe9 Registered User
    Speeder369, it depends on the system.

    Reboot your computer, press F4 or F8 to get into the Bios. There may be an option in the Bios to switch them. If you are not familiar with Bios, I don't suggest going into it without knowing what you are doing.

    What is your laptop make and model #?

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