DP8000 on 2.3.0???!!!!

DaarrghDaarrgh Registered User, Hog Beta
edited June 2014 in Hog 4 Networking Help
How do I get the IP addresses to stick in the Network settings on a DP8000 that has just been restored with a new software version?

Neither HogNet or ArtNet IP settings stay after painstakingly punching them in.

Anybody any ideas?

Hog4 OS v2.3.0


  • shandy666shandy666 Registered User
    I had this and had to reload software several times b4 it finally worked !! I also found that reloading software and leaving it off network then giving it ip settings b4 connecting to network helped
  • DaarrghDaarrgh Registered User, Hog Beta
    The solution was to enable Boot Server on the console.
    Then using the 3 fingered salute to reboot the DP while on HogNet.
    Easy........if you know how.....
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    The force software reload needs Bootserver and DHCP enabled as the whole boot-routine and software installation is done via network.
    Another option would be to create an DP8K software USB stick. This method also does a full-install for the software on the DP
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