superwidget and hog 2

richard cslrichard csl Registered User
So we bought a 4 universe superwidget to use with hog2, we loaded the hog 3 drivers (as advised by the instructions supplied) , it works fine with hog 3 and 4. but hog 2 corrupted the whole computer USB interface as soon as we loaded hog 2. the computer would no longer communicate with anything after that. (nano wing, or the USB superwidget)

We ran the special regedit program others suggested, but still no joy.

Can anybody here advise me if it is possible to run the superwidget on hog 2??. if so step by step instructions please??

My next issue is going to be is it possible to plug in a USB SMPTE interface with hog 2 pc, if so how?? and which one??


  • LightingGeek84LightingGeek84 Registered User
    edited June 2014
    why not just upgrade to hog 4?
  • richard cslrichard csl Registered User
    edited June 2014
    we have customers that have hog 2 systems, sometimes they need support in the time we try to upgrade them to hog 4. This means we have to supply them with a stable platform until we get them sorted.
  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Hi Richard, if you install Hog 3 PC V.3.2.x or and Hog 4 PC software on the same PC, it will cause the widget to not work in Hog 2 PC as the drivers changed drastically. You may try removing any Hog 3 or 4 and install V.3.1.9 of Hog 3 PC, and you should have the correct drivers, this has usually worked in the past.
  • richard cslrichard csl Registered User
    So after much wiping installing and un-installing it was discovered that the new (black) super widgets from High end Systems are no longer compatible with hog 2. This is a firmware issue.
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