Timecode Triggers-Help/Suggestion Hog3PCb.1112

dslodkidslodki Registered User
I'm currently working on Hog3PC,
Programming Wing
17" LCD
17" touchscreen
XP Home SP2

and sychronizing a 47 minute dance show with timecode. We have 14 songs and about 50-90 cues a song. Almost all of the cues are run with timecode. I'm working with the designer and we're playing back the track until we get to the right spot in the song and then he stops playback. At that point we build our look/make our changes and I record the cue and then...manually enter the timecode. Am I missing something, is there an option to record the cue WITH the timecode in the wait column, I can't seem to find it. I'm a pretty fast guy at the keyboard, but x/xx/xx.xx (eleven keystrokes!!) is a pain in the ass to type every minute and a half, even with a Programming Wing.
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  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    You can use "Learn Timing" to stamp in all your cue times. Refer to section 20.3.1 (page 217) of the manual for details.
  • dslodkidslodki Registered User
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    I guess I wasn't clear. I don't want to 'learn timing.' I already know timing, the timing is where we have stopped the playback and wrote the look and recorded it. Then I have to go in and manually type in the timecode? We're talking some cues run with only 12 frames between them. There's no way to hit 'go' to 'learn timing'. I'm sick of typing in timecode numbers and want to just hit record with an option selected "with timecode" or something like that. Now my request is official, please add the ability to record cues "with timecode" or "with current timecode" or something like that. In the immortal words of James Brown, "Please, please, please, please, please."
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    How about this:

    When you press Set while in the Wait column, a toolbar pops up.
    If you press timecode, it puts ?s in for the timecode HMSF values.
    If you then press enter, the timecode value is set to 0:0:0.0.

    I've been trying to think of the most logical way to implement this. I think the best option is to have the timecode button default to placing the current timecode value for the cuelist timecode source (whether timecode is running or not) into the wait column.
  • MACotterMACotter Registered User
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    Hey, hey hey... no yelling at Bradley... he's a very hard working guy and has alot on his plate.

    Coming from a guy who has effed :finger: up more TC code events then many other people out there have programmed... I personally see this as a serious waste of code writers time.... :aargh4:

    pressing set and xx:xx:xx.xx on the programming wing 10 key takes about a second... trust me... i have written hundreds of thousands of cues that are frames apart.... quit ur bitchin.:17:

    Here's the work around ... for each song... pre-record about 100 cues or about how many ever you think your going to need.... just "record+choose" like 100 times....

    now... type in the pre-roll time into the first cue, so like if your starting at 01:00:00;00 type in 00:59:45:00 and then sit in this cue......

    Now, have your LD play the track.... make sure the list is set to follow TC and that learn timing is turned on... when he stops the track.... all you do is press play. and the TC which is sitting in the TC tool bar up top is then snapshoted into the wait time list... now sit and build your cue... then move on and repeat...

    Now youll need to make sure you dont have self-gen turned on, and that the other setting I forget what its called off the top of my head but its the setting that will allow you to set how many frames where it continues to run after stopping... is set to 0.

  • dslodkidslodki Registered User
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    Wow. I thought we were all friends here. I didn't think I was bitching, I thought I was requesting an improvement. Thanks for the hookup on dropping the timecode numbers in, I'll check it out. (BTW, if you've written a couple hundred thousand time code cues at a second apiece, that's about 3,000 hours typing timecode, or about a year of eight hour days.) And Tom, that's exactly what I was thinking, after all, all the information is right there. And then Matt wouldn't have to spend another year writing timecode numbers.
  • SBlairSBlair Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Matt lives to write timecode cues. He actually spends some days dreaming up new ways of doing timecode shows just so I'll call him up to go WTF were you smoking when you programmed this show?

    Seriously I have to say I've seen Matt do stuff in timecode I wouldn't have even believed was possible on the desk. 9 Cuelists all running off the same timecode track simultaneously with fraction of a second timing between the cues on each list.:notworthy:
  • jxgriffijxgriffi Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
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    It's all Davison's fault!
    And then some of the things he asks the desk to do when timecode isn't running is pretty scary too!

  • jabadgerjabadger Registered User
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    What is all this about timecode? Who said who to what now?
  • pbeasleypbeasley Registered User
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    ummm.. I can't seem to remember what this timecode thing is... everytime I try to remember it's just a hazy cloud....:confused: :dunno:
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