Blinking white line on every power cycle

etmakesmoviesetmakesmovies Registered User
Hey all,
Today i was having issues connecting to my DP8000. So I shut the power down to the console and then power cycled the DP. And when I powered back on the Hog4 (running 2.2.0), it is stuck on a blinking white cursor and will go no further.

This actually happened a week ago too but only once. I did an ISO restore, everything seemed fine. But the DP was still stuck on "initializing network" so I power cycled the console again and the white blinking line of death came back. I have ISO restored three times today. Still can't get the DP to grab an IP address, but I assume that is a separate problem.

Anyone ever had this happen?


  • etmakesmoviesetmakesmovies Registered User
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    TheDP8k issue was solved by a usb restore. Keeping my fingers crossed on thee console issue.
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
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    So you are running a DHCP Server from the console
    Try what happens when you use fixed IPs
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