Pressing GO with an IPCB fader - is this a big or not?

Firewood1Firewood1 Registered User, Hog Beta
I'm struggling to understand why when we press GO with an IPCB fader, the values immediately go to their full programmed level, and the fader level is ignored.

I have rolled back several versions of the software as I was convinced at first this was a bug, but it has existed continuously.

Is this useful and intended, or in fact a bug that has slipped through the net? For me it seems inconsistent and it caused me a headache recently.

My feeling is that when a fader is set to IPCB, it should control all parameters in exactly the same way that a fader set to just intensity works for the intensity parameter.

When I have a standard list and I press GO, my fader level continues to limit the programmed intensity proportionally. All other non intensity parameters change to their programmed levels.

So, when I place all parameters under the control of the fader, as IPCB, then I believe the fader should continue to have proportional control of these parameters even when GO is pressed.

Does anyone have a reason why I am wrong to think this?


  • ShrunkenNedShrunkenNed Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited May 2014
    Yes, it has always existed as far as I know. And I agree with you, it seems counterintuitive.
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  • stephenwykerstephenwyker Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
    edited June 2014
    Completely counterintuitive. Much like inhibitive faders jumping on background pages. Somethings we will never get a straight answer on ;0
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