Rh4 and playback wing

HeinrichHeinrich Registered User
I have a rh4 that I often use with a playback wing. I often have the playback wing connected but from time to time on the smaller shows I have no use for the wing. The wing always connects fine but I have troubles when I go from a show with the wing connected to a show without it. The screen works fine but its rare that the touchscreen functions on the second screen properly. It usually takes a screen calibration and restarting the console for the touchscreen to function properly. When I start a show with the touchscreen connected and the last show(same show file) also had the wing connected things are fine.

Is there a certain order I need to connect things or turn things on in order for the touchscreen to function from the beginning if I didn't use it the last time I ran a show?


  • Ben_TaylorBen_Taylor Registered User
    edited May 2014
    From the bits i have done with a wing, connect it all up before you even power on the desk and then once everything is connected power up and it works fine (after a screen calibration on the boot screen)
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