Road Hog 4 Newbie Question

asia559571asia559571 Registered User
Hi To All. I have a couple of questions regarding the Road Hog 4 console. First, please can someone tell me how I can change the console's front LEDs colour, (Not the Desk Light), originally when we first had the desk the LEDs were in Blue, inadvertenly I changed the colour to white but for the love of me I can't find how to change the colours in the Help File.
Second question, I have four groups of different fixtures each having Intensity on dedicated fader as each group also have Iris, Zoom, Prism Rotate, Gobo Rotate etc, I was trying to have each effect/function all on one fader for example AlphaSpot HPE 700 Iris Cue 1, Zoom Cue 2, Prism Rotate Cue 3, Gobo Rotate Cue 4 etc. Is there a way to set the fader levels for each cue/function independently regardles that they share the fader? or how can one have the fastest access to fixture functions without being in Record Mode or adding pages?
Thanks in advance & Kind Regards! BTW, an answer to the first question would be greatly appreciated because it's driving me Crazy:dunno:


  • Michael_GrahamMichael_Graham Registered User, Super Moderator, HES Staff
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    Hello James,

    The front work light has only white leds.
    The back vent light has only blue leds.
    Only the little light has both blue and white leds.

    The answer to your second question is no, the Fader acts as an I-Fader by default and if you set it to be an IPCB fader all values would get released or asserted when moving the fader.
  • asia559571asia559571 Registered User
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    Many Thanks Michael! Very Strange about the front LEDs though myself and a former colleague are convinced we had blue, guess we've spent too long staring at lights, Ha! Ha!
    Again Thanks Michael and Kind Regards
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