Fixture request unanswered

SharpsynthSharpsynth Registered User
Hi there,

I'm writing in regards to a fixture request I submitted 4 weeks ago for the Microh Titan RGB laser.. as well as the rest of the laser series as I do use them.

Any reason why I haven't heard anything back from the email I sent?



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    Where did you send this request? We have removed the forum thread for posting profile requests, and we ask that all requests are emailed directly to

    To request a fixture library please send an email to: (request may take up to 7 days to complete) Please also include what mode you require if any.

    Also check the Library Down-loader Page:

    Please feel free to forward me the email you originally sent, and i can check the status to confirm is was in fact received. paul_hancock(at)

    Hope this helps,
  • SharpsynthSharpsynth Registered User
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    The email was sent to the abovementioned email address. I will comb through my email tonight and send it your way.

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