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Hi there.

I had the Roadhog 4 and LC working fine. But after I did the latest update ecerything event down. Now I can not even remember where to start this set up thing with LC... I have seen there is a lot of info about turning on and off things but that does not help me much... Anybody have chance to help out ? I have road Hog 4with iOS 1.2.1 and a acer laptop running windows 8... I don't even find where to put the IPsat the moment.....



  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
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    Hey Jokke,

    turn on DHCP Server in your Roadhog (for your HogNet)
    Windows 8 ist set as a standard to receive IP adresses via DHCP.
    So this should be fine.
    Also remember to upgrade your HOG PC or Visualizer Connectivity Tool on your Laptop to the same version like your console.
    Also turn of all unused network-connections, virsus-scans and firewall
  • Keesha951Keesha951 Registered User
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    Thanks for sharing.
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