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Mutley EugeniusMutley Eugenius Registered User
I am running a lighting rig with a whole hog IPC lighting board and the whole package was set up for me by somebody else. I discovered that the personality that I have for the Elation Platinum Spotlights in my rig is not providing me with 100% functionality, and I know the personality was custom built by the earlier person.

To be more specific, I'm fairly sure that the color slots for the glass color wheel in the fixtures personality has not been set up correctly, because I can't use split colors between one filter and the next, which I should be able to do. There is a continuous function available on the color parameter encoder, but it only gives the slots. I also can only make the gobos rotate clockwise, and not counterclockwise. Same with the prisms. And also, the real world values of revolutions per minute are fantastically inaccurate. So I think there has been an error made in the ranges on the personality.

I've been reading a bit around the forum here about editing personalities or downloading manufactures personalities, what I'm curious about is what effect this would have on my entire show. I'm not too sure on the procedure for replacing a personality with a new one, and I don't know if this is going to crash the whole show or not. I don't know if the abstraction will happen again if I import a new personality and give the new functions to me as options, or if it will just add these new functions to the lights as all blank cells and require parameters to be set for them, or if this action will react against all of the earlier cues that have been made, causing all of the color settings and gobo speeds to be be wildly off because the ranges are changed. I predict the latter.

Has anybody ever tried anything like this before, and had beneficial results, or was it catastrophic?

Wishfully thinking, I plan to save my show as it currently is, and then attempt to change personalities, but I have never done this before, I don't know the best way of putting a new personality into existing lights, or if this can even be done. Is there a good writeup on this anywhere that I can refer to and do it successfully?


  • Mutley EugeniusMutley Eugenius Registered User
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    As another note, where do I even find the personalities inside the WholeHog IPC to edit? How do I get the txt file that contains the data so I can review it against the light's manual?
  • ChrisTallChrisTall Registered User, DL Beta
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    Mutley, let's assume for a minute that the personality is correct.

    Counterclockwise Gobo Rotation;
    To access counterclockwise Gobo rotation you need to press the "-" key while turning the encoder wheel for Gobo Rotate.

    Once it is in counterclockwise mode you can let go of the "-"

    Split Colors;
    I looked at both the 5R and the 15R and it didn't look like they do split colors.

    Assuming the fixture you have has that option,
    On the right Monitor above the Encoder for the color wheel press the soft key for that encoder, does it give you the choice for slots vs. continuous, or splits?
  • Mutley EugeniusMutley Eugenius Registered User
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    Thanks for your answer. The light in question is not a 5R or 15R:

    Maybe it only does split colors in extanded mode (for some reason the guy addressed them all in standard mode [shock horror!] and readdressing them now will cause everything else to get shoved over and have to readdress the rest of the entire rig. Not a minor concern.)

    The options listed on the encode wheel are SLOTS, CONTINUOUS and SPIN. So going to continuous mode, and wheeling slowly through the percentages, the fixture only jumps to the next slots after every few percent, it doesn't permit split colors.

    I checked out your '-' trick and I discovered that the scale of gobo ratation works from full speed CCW to full speed CW. The error is in the Real World value, which says the scale is from 0 to 300 rpm, where 0 is full speed CCW and 300 is full speed CW and 150 is the hold-still in between. So I assume a minor fix in the text file should correct that, right?

    How would I fix that? I mean like exact steps?
  • Mutley EugeniusMutley Eugenius Registered User
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    Then I checked out my Elation E-Spot LEDs. Those are the ones that don't rotate gobos or prisms counterclockwise when their manual says that they do. The '-' trick doesn't work with them.

    I'm sure I could fix it if I could find the personality file and look at what the other guy did wrong with the ranges values. But what effects will it have on my show, that is my next question.
  • ChrisTallChrisTall Registered User, DL Beta
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    These are very new Fixtures relative the the console/Software you are using.
    Even though Library files from Highend may not be available for your version of iPC software, you do have control of what you want.
    Just not as elegant as some of it could be.

    As for the Split colors, the issue is the fixtures.
    They just don't do it. Period. No matter what Library or console you use.
    (this is my understanding of the DMX protocol I read on Page 37 of the PDF you linked):rtfm:

    On the rotation issue, you have control, just turn the encoder.
    Like you said it goes, FWD fast to Slow, Stop, REV Slow to Fast.

    Are you programming cue-to-cue, busking...?
  • Mutley EugeniusMutley Eugenius Registered User
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    I busk and I q2q aswell, but I saw a great effect that I want to duplicate that needs spilt colors. So I will figure out how to do it. Maybe I will program a slow turn for a length of time after qing a certain color slot, then stop the turn with the next q, and get my split colors that way.

    BTW, Ive had these lights for 2 1/2 years, they aren't that new.

    ...still waiting for someone to tell me where to find the personality TXT file...
  • jxgriffijxgriffi Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
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    There is no personality TXT file.

    In order to modify it, you have to go into the Patch Window. Click on Fixture Builder and then Copy from Original.

    Best to do this on HogPC.
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
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    If you are in the fixture builder and edit a already custom-made library dont forget to log off the show and back on to apply the changes.

    If you create a new one based on a copy you need to change type after creating the "new" fixture and repatch
  • ChrisTallChrisTall Registered User, DL Beta
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    This is all assuming the fixture does split colors.

    While it is not clearly explained, as I interpret the DMX protocol it does not do splits colors.

    For instance Color 1 is 14-27.

    You should do a test first by opening the DMX screen and watching the Output as you dial the encoder.

    Is the library you have going through the values sequentially and what is happening when you go from 14-27 and more importantly when you go from 27 to 28?
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