Studio color not receiving DMX?

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Got one of my studio colors that powers up runs through its start up, then moves to home and just sits there. The DMX receive light fails to come on even though DMX is present as the lights after it run fine.

I have tried changing the DMX chip but that didn't have any effect and I have stable 5v onto the board.

On the screen I get R13.0 flash up which I haven't seen before but can't find it as an error in the manual?

Running the light is test mode it all works fine, any ideas?


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    I had one that appeared to have been a trace failure on the DMX input board. The path between jacks was fine, but the path to the opto and thus logic card was intermittent. Try swapping the DMX card with a known good unit and see if the problem follows the card or not.

    - Tim
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    Think I have solved it.

    R13.0 is the software revision!

    I have replaced the RS485 transceiver chip had no effect, I have replaced both the optoisolators and the DMX has sprung into life.

    I've switched it on and off a few times all fine, just need to hang it back in the grid and leave it on for a few hours to make sure it isn't a heat problem braking down something on the circuit board?

    Other wise now working.
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