Nano and PlayBack Wing4 setup question

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We are building a system that will have the Nano and the PlayBack Wing4 used with an "all-in-one" computer setup. The Dell computer we are looking at has 2x USB3.0 on it. One being used to connect the Nano.

In question, we would like to use the monitor of the Wing as well. That has DVI. Is it possible to get one of those USB to DVI adapters and still have the functions of the Wing monitor and touch screen?

I am sure it can be done, just wanting to see if anyone has done this already.


Justin Jenkins
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  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    As long as the Dell machine is capable of driving another display via USB you should be just fine.
    The Nano has an additional (x2) USB ports on it, so you can probably attach the USB cable for the "touch" part of the external display directly to the Nano.
    Never done it myself, but in theory it should work.

    Hope this helps. :)
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    I have success using the Plugable USB 2.0 to DVI into my laptop to run an additional touchscreen monitor.

    I can't speak for the USB 3.0 version.
  • drumerbd15drumerbd15 Registered User
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    Hi Justin,

    We are looking to sell our Hog1000 and upgrade to a road hog 4 and purchase a nano hog. Did you have any luck with the touch screen on the hog 4 wing and your dell "all in one"?

    We are looking to include a hog 4 wing into our hog family.

    Which dell "all in one" are you using?


  • marcuswimmermarcuswimmer Registered User
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    i experimenting with an PlaybackWing4 and the 4PC on a WIN7 laptop.
    Any news about this posts here???

    Thanks a lot!!!
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
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    Hey Marcus,

    what is your problem? This is a very typical setup.
    Do you have problems connecting the monitor or what is causing problems?
  • marcuswimmermarcuswimmer Registered User
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    Hi Marc,
    at the moment i try to build a littler 2nd setup to the RH4.
    i try to get the PBW4 with the 4PC.
    i am not sure, but is it right to use it at the best as:
    Laptop monitor just the Panel for shortcuts, 1 externeal monitor for the primary h4pc window and the secoundary window on the PBW?
    the setup generaly works... (just the "3rd" monitor is not in use at the monent)
    My major problem is:
    just the touchscreen didnt get calibrated...
    the detailed setup is as followed:
    1x PBW4
    1x lenovo x220i laptop (with H4PC V2.1....)
    WIN7 home
    the lenovo just have a vga output, i setup a DisplayLink via usb to DVI to get the monitor in the PBW working.

    i can start the windows calibartiontool to make a calibration, every hit is on the inverted side. after calibration finished i start it again and the calibration shows another grid with just one ractangle... when i start at the upper left corner to hit the cross i see it hits right, but it does not go on for the next points/corners.

    when i try different points (the lower right corner) on the screen it looks like the calibrated size is 7" or something like that...

    my mouse works fine on all screens!

    you can follow my explains?
    i hope!
    Thanks for help

    i downloaded the ELO driver for multitouch displays, the elo-config says: no touchmonitor found.
    when i try to setup the touch area the massage is: not possible on secound screen
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
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    Maybe this helps, cause this for sure a windows issue:

    About ELO, yes because you dont have an ELO Screen, the Wing-Monitor is not ELO.
    Is the resolution of the screen set correct?
    Displayport to DVI is fine. This shouldnt cause problems
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