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How does the universe counts work on multiple desks. I just linked two hog 4's (running console 1 and 2) and both have a DP that shows up. Does that mean I can output 16 universes from the "combined" show file directly via DMX without having to license more from a DP?

I would understand that if one of the desks left the session the universes would also leave (same issue if a DP went down)


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    Yes, you will be able to access all 16 raw dmx universes (32 potential artnet or with extra widgets) from either desk, which, if running the same show file (Networked) will be using the same patch obviously. If you lost the DP8000 Process on one desk then you would lose that DP.

    If you put both consoles on the same net #, then the desks go into tracking mode and the DP's go into failover mode with the last DP to connect to the show running idle until the active DP goes offline.
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