More Nano HogPC bugs?

price4192price4192 Registered User
Not sure if anyone has experienced this (or if it was just a one time thing, CPU issue, etc)...
Last night while I was programming, my Pig key stopped working. After a few hours of work, all Pig+ functions just stopped. I did the most obvious fix, restart my show (did not power down CPU or Nano) and the problem went away. I will be keeping an eye on this and I will report back.
Has anyone else experienced this? Or am I missing something (ie: a way to disable or enable the Hog key functions)?


Sony Vaio All-in-one Windows 7 touchscreen CPU
Nano Hog (running the latest software)


  • ken1015ken1015 Registered User
    edited March 2013
    if you run hog3 showfile <3.2.6>
    win7 will close hogpc automatic sometimes...

    it is my problem

    dell xps15 win7 pro
    nano hog <3.2.9>
  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
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    Eric, it's possible that a key got held down in software somehow. This can happen if a key is pressed and the application loses focus simultaneously. It's a very very rare occurrence. Did you have other applications running on your 4PC computer?

    Ken, your issue sounds very different. Try to start new threads when your issue does not directly relate to the original thread just so we can be more efficient at responding and resolving issues. Anyways, you have come across an interesting issue. I assume you are running Hog 4PC in Nano mode? Just as a troubleshooting measure can you report if the same show files load on your PC if you run in normal Hog 4PC mode (nano turned off?)
  • price4192price4192 Registered User
    edited March 2013
    No other programs running, I've stripped the CPU down pretty well to maximize performance.
    I'm quickly relizing, when then HogPC program crashes, you need to do a FULL CPU restart. Parts of the app "hang" and after force quitting, the entire HogPC syst does not run correctly. I'm guessing this was the problem. Not a Hog3 show file. It was created in Hog 4
  • ken1015ken1015 Registered User
    edited March 2013
    you right...I can run in full mode..
    someone in high end mail to me..
    creat a new show in nano..and merge my old show<3.2.6>
    it can work now...hog pc doesn't auto close...
    I try to test in next theatre...
    one more thing...
    is possible will effect roadhog4 to crash..
    because I use roadhog4 to run show and nano is backup system..
    but while I program show...the consle will stop everything...
  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
    edited March 2013
    Ken, you should find that your problem is gone now with v1.1.3 as we fixed a bug related to Hog Nano mode having problems with non-nano mode show files.

    Eric, you are correct that Hog 4PC just like Hog 3PC is made up of a few different processes that do not all terminate together. If you experience a crash of one process you do not need to restart the computer. Just go into task manager, go under the processes tab, and look for a process call launcher-win32-golden.exe. Right click on that process and select the "end process tree" option. This should give you a fresh start.
  • price4192price4192 Registered User
    edited March 2013
    Chris- that's exactly what I have done!! (Task manager->shutdown Hog 4 processes->restart Hog4 PC). But in doing this, I've noticed a few glitchy actions...the problem I originally listed in this thread (swapping of playback buttons) and DMX output lag (ie: HTP faders reacting VERY slow and choppy).
    I have been able to avoid this, so far, by doing a full system restart. Kind of a pain though.
    Until now, I have been killing ALL Hog4 processes when I experience a crash...the next time it happens I'll try just killing the "launcher" and restart the program, perhaps I was killing too many processes?
    Thanks for the help!!
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited March 2013
    Is your system only running for HOG PC or are you also doing your normal daily work with it?!
    Once I set up a HOGPC system and it is running I never connect it to the WWW anymore or let any other software run on it...
  • price4192price4192 Registered User
    edited March 2013
    As stated, my CPU isn't running any other programs when HogPC is active. Yes, I also disable the wireless connection as well. Other CPU processes are not the problem, I had all unnecessary processes stripped off when I built the CPU.
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