nano and road hog4 cann't work

ken1015ken1015 Registered User
my hog pc can not work with exisiting show..
it is 339.
when load from hog3.2.6 show data or exisiting show data..
the software will colose aotomatic...
it is a bug ?

I need help ...


  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
    edited March 2013
    How are you loading your H3 show?
    You must be loading from a backup file, NOT a fully expanded showfile.
    If you try to open an expanded showfile I would not be surprized at all if this caused the software to crash.

    Hope this helps. :)
  • ken1015ken1015 Registered User
    edited March 2013
    I was loading backup file from 3.2.6..
    and I already pre-write show for a while..
    I can load in backup showfile..but I can't open exisiting showfile..
    but something is very funny..if I change 4pc mode <not nano mode>
    I can work .if I change back to nano..the software will close..
    so I think that is a bug...
  • Playdoe9Playdoe9 Registered User
    edited March 2013
    If you start a show in Hog4 Mode and then go into Nano mode, it may crash. This is a bug. You need to load the backup into a new showfile while in Nano mode. Did you by chance first load the showfile while not in Nano Mode?

    Try Backing up the showfile in Hog4 normal mode and then create a new show file in Nano mode and use the Merge show function.
  • ken1015ken1015 Registered User
    edited March 2013
    no...I start show from nano..and sometimes will auto close..
    so I change to full mode can work ..
    someone tell me to creat a new show is hog 4 file and merge my old show..
    I try it can let check in next theatre..
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited March 2013
    There is also an update to 1.1.3
    Bug fixes issues with Nano Mode
    Might help as well
  • Michael_GrahamMichael_Graham Registered User, Super Moderator, HES Staff
    edited March 2013
    Hsaio Yu Keng

    Please upgrade to 1.1.3 b352.
    The problem you are running into should be fixed in this build.
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