Hog 4 LED color mixing issue

TumbleweedTumbleweed Registered User
First time seeing a Hog 4 today, me likey, except for two things, one of which I know will be addressed in the future.

the other is a bug- I had a bunch of MAC 101's in a nice green scene at full intensity. I decided I wanted to slowly change them to yellow, so I grabbed the fixtures in the group window, hit the intensity button, and started to turn the red dial. The red, green, blue, and strobe can be found with the dimmer in the intensity section.

When I did this, the fixtures went to blackout, and faded up with the red, cutting out the untouched green and dimmer values. I was expecting it to just add in the red, leaving the green and dimmer alone.

It does the same thing if you have the fixtures red or blue and want to add in one of the other three colors.

Also, the 'color' area only shows HSV or CMY.

is this happening because the RGB color values are in the intensity section and not the color, or is this something y'all need to look at...

if it matters, it's a Full Boar running the latest software, with a Hog 3 Wing attached...


  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited March 2013
    RGB is converted into CMY or HS in the HOG world... So if you switch to the RGB Intensity this behaviour is normal....
    The library modell of Hogs are using real-world parameters, so you will find only CMY or HS for all kind of color-mixing fixtures. No matter what type they are.

    So it is not a bug.

    Try to stay in one color-world (rgb-intesity, hs or cmy), the console does all conversion/value-translations for you
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