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Hi there

I've got a show going out next week that was to have DL2's on it, but will now have DMLs. Nothing has been pre-programmed for this show as yet
I have a fairly basic grasp on the DL2's, but have necver used the DMLs

Is there much difference?
Can you still use the collage generator to do multi-fixture blends? Obviuosly if possible, this would be through the axon, correct?

Can you still use the CMA to upload extra content?

Any other advice/tips would be welcome

Sorry for the basic question, but the DML manual seems to be far less in-depth than the DL manuals

Thanks in advance



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    You will need to know if your DMLs are the newer type and have the AXON server built in.....or if they require an external server for starters.

    As long as you have an internal AXON, all your DL.2 "meda" programming will all translate over directly. Just make sure the AXON inside the DML is set to the same version (ie - v1 vs. v2) and number of layers (ie -4 vs. 9) as your DL.2s were.

    The "Motion" part is where you will need to do a conversion......very easy if you are on a Hog desk (if are in for a bit of work I'm afraid....)
    On Hog (3 or 4), simply go into Patch and "Change Type" all your DL Motion fixtures to DML Motion fixtures.....update your palettes and your done!

    On the technical side , be aware that DML heads and AXON servers cannot share the same IP range for ArtNet way is to send ArtNet via Cat-5e cable to the internal AXON and 5-pin DMX to each DML head. (Yes, x2 data lines per of the MANY sucktastic "features" of the DMLs).
    Because of this you will need to address and configure the internal AXON via a separate CMA PC and set the DMX start for the DML on the fixture's menu.

    Personally I'd try to get DL.3s instead of the DMLs, but if you're stuck these are some of the things you're in for....

    Hope this helps. :)
  • GordoGordo Registered User, Hog Beta
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    That is a big help. Unfortunately, DL3's are not an option, as no one owns them in Australia (as far as I'm aware).
    I worked on a production a few years ago, that shipped their DL3's from the US with their backline

    Thanks again!
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