Bug Editing Cues: unresponsive Slot Buttons

Andrew LoftusAndrew Loftus Registered User
Hey All,

Windows 7 Pro; Pentium D 3GHz; 2G Ram; 64b; SP1
Hog 4PC; v1.0.1(b321); playback wing; superwidget (blue)
I started with a new show in H4 and merged in my show created in 3.2.#

When I open a cue to modify it, unblind, and select fixtures, the slot buttons for color and gobo don't do anything. No change in output; No change in the programmer/cue spreadsheet.
The only work around has been to use the encoders OR select the spreadsheet cells-->[Set]-->select gobo/color-->enter.

This happens with any cue I have attempted to modify.


Andrew Loftus


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