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I am having an issue with a MAC 600 that doesnt want to strike the lamp when I order it from the Hog3. I would like to try to manually strike it setting the values in dmx channel 1 of the fixture. However I don't know how to do this simple thing with the hog. How can I select an specific dmx adress and change its value?

For example, this fixture has the dmx start adress of 217. I would need to select the 217 adress and change its value, in other words when I type 217 I dont want to select a Unit or a fixture, I want to select the dmx adress.



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    Hello, are there other Mac 600s that are striking the lamps ok? If yes, the problem may be with the fixture.

    The CONTROL button on the console controls channel 1 on the Mac 600. The Control button is on the right display grouped with MODE and ENABLE. The Mac 600 manual shows a range of about 228-237 or so for Lamp Strike. The Hog selects a value 232 which is right in the middle of the range. You can open the DMX window, SETUP->DMX to see the values the channels are actually at. You cannot just select the one DMX channel unless you patch the fixture as 12 DMX Channels for example.

    Below are some notes from the Mac 600 manual. You may try setting the CMY to the specified values first.

    Lamp Off is allowed with SPEC/dLoF
    set to ON, or with SPEC/dLoF set to
    OFF and cyan, magenta and yellow
    set between 230 and 232.

    Reset is allowed with SPEC/dRES
    set to ON, or with SPEC/dRES set to
    OFF and cyan, magenta and yellow
    set between 230 and 232.
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    Hello, thanks for the answer!

    Yes, there are many other mac600 that are striking the lamp perfectly. its just one that is not doing it, and I wanted to try if there was a manual way of sending another value between that range of 228-237 to see if that solved the problem.

    As far as I know, i dont need to change the Lamp off or reset parameters, since that is not my problem. Why should I change them? Both options are about controlling Lamp off and Reset with DMX, but my problem has to do with striking the lamp on.

    Thanks, and maybe the problem its with the fixture. I can always set the lamp to strike when the fixture turns on.
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    If you have others striking without any problem and this one did previously for however long and nothing has changed, the problem is more than likely with the fixture.
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