How to match timing across variable sets of fixtures?

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I am working right now with 1200 iFlex LEDs that are arrayed in the shape of a Christmas Tree. I would like insights into how I might take a hue-fanning sine wave effect (for instance) that spans 114 fixtures at the bottom to as few as 12 fixtures at the top and make them function at the same rate. And by the same rate- I mean rate of progress, so the fanning starts at the same time and concludes at the same time. I would have though that applying a variable delay in the effect window would be the best way, (for instance 0-2 second delay across 114 fixtures, then do the same command, but applied to 12 fixtures) but that has not seemed to work to any effect at all- which makes me think I am misusing that control. Any thoughts, please?

Thanks very much!


Mark LaPierre


  • spistacciospistaccio Registered User
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    Figured it out. The answer was not to apply a 0-5 sec DELAY, but to apply a 0-5 sec FADE to each row, and they match!
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