Roadhog blue screen crash ATI drivers

caffeinefreecaffeinefree Registered User
Last night we had several "blue screens of death" after about 6 hours of use on our Roadhog.
Attach is a picture of what was displayed.
Looks like a graphic card problem or driver.
Anyone else had this problem?
Should I do a fresh install of the latest Hog 3 software?
Could it be hardware related?

The file is: ati2dvga
It says, "the device driver got stuck in an infinite loop."
We are running the current software.
Thank you.

David Parkes


  • caffeinefreecaffeinefree Registered User
    edited October 2012
    Also to add: we have a ELO touchscreen and USB to VGA hooked up to the hog.
  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Alumni
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    As it is mentioning a file, you can try a Full Install of the software but a hardware issue is also a possibility as a blue screen usually indicates hardware problems. The blue screen doesn't tell exactly what the problem is but it may be the video card, RAM, or other component.
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